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Venture Café’s Year Program 2019

Check out what topics Venture Café Rotterdam will focus on in 2019.

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by Laura van Bekkum in News
December 13, 2018 0 comments

With more than 500 sessions taking place at Venture Café’s Thursday Gatherings every year, we house an incredible amount of knowledge and inspiration on a week-to-week basis.

We shape our year program around themes which are a mix of subjects selected based on our community and its needs, large events taking place in the region, our innovation partners’ calendars, and generally important (inter)national trends and innovations.

Our program is hosted by inspiring speakers and experts as well as talented people from our community. If you want to host a session as part of our program, contact our Program & Partnership manager Laura van Bekkum;

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January at Venture Café Connect to Reality

Let’s together get grounded in the new year! Various forms of reality will be part of our program this month including Virtual and Augmented Reality. Also we aim to get you digitally detoxed and in the here and now: everything you need to get a fresh start of 2019.

February at Venture Café Sustainable Solutions

Earth is facing a number of environmental issues. This month solution providers from different backgrounds will inspire, educate and equip our community to live and do business more sustainably. Main focus areas will be renewable energy, circular economy and resilience.

March at Venture Café Singularity Dynamics

We are in the midst of technological revolution and growth, which results in changes to human civilization. This month we offer the stage to experts in both software – like AI and blockchain – and hardware – such as high tech systems & robotics. Together we will stand still to think about the effects of it on society.

April at Venture Café Get Growing!

Find all the elements to get you and your business growing. Expect our program to cover funding, scaling up and revenue generation. Also it will focus on your personal and team’s growth.

May at Venture Café Health, Wellbeing & Food

The Netherlands is a hotspot for life science innovation and offers a unique location for agri and horticulture activities. This month a great mixture of players in the LS&H and agri & food industry will be part of our program by various partners.

June at Venture Café Cross Culture

This month we go cross culture: we link with Rotterdam Zuid, several Dutch cities, but also cross our Dutch borders by hosting our infamous Expansion Café aimed at those who plan to take their business abroad and expats who have landed in NL. Also: it’s Architecture month in Rotterdam, so you will find arts & urban stakeholders highlighting developments in the architectural scene.

July & August at Venture Café Summer School

During summer take the time to upgrade your skills and competences! Venture Café partners with various organizations to bring you an entrepreneurial school that will allow you to take the next step in your business, upgrade your 21st century skills and get you inspired around the latest innovations and developments. Also we will host another kids edition as part of this where we inspire tiny and young innovators.

September at Venture Café Future of Travel

In support of Rotterdam’s World Port Days we traditionally focus this month on everything related to travel. The travel industry is changing rapidly: for both travelers, travel organizations and the make industry supporting the industry. Mobility, logistics and maritime will therefore be highlighted.

October at Venture Café Global Challenges, Local Solutions

In line with the UN Sustainable Goals: get ready for Venture Café Rotterdam to connect its global network of Venture Cafés! We will focus on getting the most out of our global network, covering 4 continents. We will offer a platform to showcase what the Netherlands has to offer to solve global challenges and work together and make comparisons with the local entrepreneurs at our international sites.

November at Venture Café Impact & Growth

Social entrepreneurs are addressing many societal challenges like sustainability, liveability in neighbourhoods and/or create jobs for those with a distance to the labour market. As the Social Impact Days are taking place we want to offer a stage to these entrepreneurs. Aside of this, we will address sustainable economic growth of any type of company.

December at Venture Café Back to the Future

Can you imagine what the world will look like in 2050? Where do we work, how will we work, and what skills do we need to work? Let’s together philosophize, explore and debate about this with experts!

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