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Venture Café’s Year Program 2018

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in Uncategorized
March 24, 2018 0 comments

January: Inspiration and molding your future / Futurescapes

Many start a new year with wishful resolutions, setting goals for the year and frame questions that need answering. Therefore, we’d like to start off the year by making January-theme about inspiring you through different perspectives and new ideas opening doors to reinvent yourself and your way of living.
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February: High Tech Industries and Big Data / RoboDome

This month we focus on everything high tech. And with the large conference RoboBusinessEurope taking place in Rotterdam this month, Venture Café will be your place to be for Robotics this month.
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March: Human Resources & Talent Development / Got Talent?!

Talent: corporates thrive on it, and the innovation community has it! Think recruiting, gamification, a new MBA program as well as corporate-startup connects. Also the Open Mic is back to offer a platform for our community to show their skills and talents!
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April: Access to Capital & Personal Growth / Get growing!

Business and personal growth: that’s what it’s about this month! Our special: Rotterdam will be hosting the Capital Days, providing unique opportunities to get access capital. Venture Café oversees the organization and will host the Capital Tour XXL Rotterdam as part of it.
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May: CleanTech & Circular / Think Green

Cleantech and circular economy are booming in the Netherlands. This month the industry players are offered a platform to showcase the latest developments, successes and challenges.
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June: Arts & Architecture + Internationalization / Cross Culture

This month we go cross culture: we link with Rotterdam Zuid, other Dutch cities and host an Expansion Café for those who plan to take their business abroad. Also: it’s Architecture month in Rotterdam, so time to highlight developments in Arts & Architecture in our country.
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July: Summer program / Future of Travel

As most of us travel during summer, we will talk the future of travel: the technological developments in transportation, but also the destinations to go to. And let’s not forget the power of the mind which can take you places without the need of physical movement…
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August: Summer program / Summer Detox

Entrepreneurs are passionate and have a 24/7 mindset in order to make their business successful. Sometimes this may take its toll. This month we will ensure there is time to reflect, de-tox and prevent any form of stress when kicking off again in September.


September: Sustainable solutions for City & Port / City & Port Challenges

As Rotterdam organizes a new edition of the Wereldhavendagen (World Port Days), Venture Café will highlight sustainable solutions for both city and port.


October: UN Sustainable Goals / Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions

When Rotterdam hosts the InnovationExpo and a large international community is around to tackle social challenges, we will provide a platform to showcase what the Netherlands has to offer to solve these global challenges.


November: Life Sciences & Health + Agri / Health, Wellbeing & Food

The Netherlands is a hotspot for life science innovation and offers a unique location for agri and horticulture activities. This month food, LS&H and agri will be well-represented in our program.


December: FinTech & Financials / Closing the Books

End of year: time to close the financial books! Get inspired around the latest FinTech developments, new ways of payments, but also time for administration, tax reporting  and ways to generate revenue.


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