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March at Venture Café is all about Human resources & Talent development!

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in Month
January 29, 2018 0 comments

Talent: corporates thrive on it, and the innovation community has it!

This month we will offer many opportunities to get inspired around the subject of Talent. We will philosophise around its meaning and also travel back in time to learn what famous philosophers said about this. We look back, but certainly also ahead: what are the 21st century skills and what is a smart move to invest time in when considering the career market of the future?

Also we spend time on #1 success factor for entrepreneurs: installing a successful team. How do you recruit the right team to have the greatest chance for success of your business? And: how do you create a work culture within your company which is enticing for your employees and allows them to flourish and put their talents into practice?

We will also launch a new program called TheNextMBA program, in partnership with a.o. Wolfpack, a sequence of sessions which will address the contents of an MBA 2.0 program – which is to touch upon relevant themes as well as the required skills to make a success of your business in the 4th industrial revolution.

On top of all this: the Open Mic is back to offer a platform to you, our community, to show your skills and talents to the crowd!

Got talent?! Join our Thursday gatherings in March! 



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