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July at Venture Café is all about Future of Travel!

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in Month
May 30, 2018 0 comments

About July’s Program
Traveling. Something most of us have experience in. And something that many of us will do over summer time, whether for pleasure or business. The power of human-to-human contact, also deeply rooted in Venture Café’s mission, is key to this industry. At the same time mobility and connectivity is essential for our economy: in 2017 only, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has seen a total of 68.5 mio passengers. How will this develop? And will flying be the only option to travel to destinations on the other side of our beautiful planet? Let’s find out & talk the Future of Travel!

Our partners will update you on the technological developments in several means of transportation: some incremental, some quite disruptive. But also we delve into how we book our (business) trips and what role algorithms play in this process. Are you ready for the changes that lie ahead?

We will also highlight the go-to destinations for you to unwind. And let’s not forget the power of the mind which can take you places without the need of physically moving from A to B… Because after all: traveling is certainly also an art.

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