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October at Venture Café is all about Global Challenges, Local Solutions!

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by Simonas Baltenis in Month
September 24, 2019 0 comments

As Gail Whiteman, Professor at Lancaster University, indicated during Rotterdam Capital Days on 19-September, “UN Sustainable Development Goals is all about understanding the earth’s system and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the earth”. An astonishing 90 countries have now aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, all working towards achieving these goals by 2030.

The question becomes: where do we stand today? And: can we shine a light on what is happening around us to get us to where we need to be by 2030? Therefore: this month Venture Café Rotterdam will offer a platform to showcase what the Netherlands and Rotterdam have to offer to solve global challenges and will aim to make tangible what is happening within our network to contribute to the SDGs!

Although our Thursdays in October will focus on all SDGs, the following main themes were selected:

  • October 3rd: Warm-up for the SDGs (combination of SDGs)
  • October 10th: #SDGCafe meets Venture Café (SDG 8)
  • October 17th: Climate Action and Clean Energy (SDG 7, SDG 13)
  • October 24th: CLOSED (our team will be at a Global Venture Café gathering)
  • October 31st: Talent Night – Quality Education for All! (SDG 4)


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