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Summer School!

August at Venture Café is all about Summer School!

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by Gulce Onganer in Month
July 22, 2020 0 comments

Summer School 2020

During the summer period in July and August, Venture Café Rotterdam will be offering a 9-week summer school program consisting of two tracks: 

These sessions will be offered online apart from the weekly Special LIVE event with a guest expert in our physical space. Since we are following the RIVM guidelines, tickets to these events are limited. We encourage you to book a ticket to secure a spot. We look forward to welcoming you back at our home base!

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All of our sessions are free of charge, since innovation should be accessible for all. Your donation is however much appreciated. This way you keep our platform alive and contribute to the innovation ecosystem directly.

Summer School August Mentors

During summer take the time to upgrade your skills and competences! Venture Café partners with various organisations to bring you an entrepreneurial school that will allow you to build and/or take the next step with your business, upgrade your 21st century skills and get you inspired about the latest innovations and developments. You can book to meet with any of our mentors to get your questions answered!

Patrick van Ginneken, AOMB

  • Available: Thursday after Venture School sessions
  • Field of expertise: Participants can reach out to if they want to have advice regarding IP (patents, trademarks, etc.). For example, he could do a quick scan in the patent databases to see if others are already working on a similar idea. Or do a quick scan in the trademark databases to see if the name of the company is already registered by someone else.

Contact Directly via

Tony de Bree, Entrepreneur

  • Available: Thursday after Venture school sessions
  • Field of expertise: From idea to successful startup & scaleup, reviewing business plans, how to finance your company, how to set up a company during corona, how to make a survival plan? Growing your company without external financing. Startup model canvas & scaleup model canvas. Revenue models. Online revenue models. Video marketing for startups & scaleups.

Contact via Venture School

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, Skoon Energy

  • Available: Thursday or Friday
  • Field of expertise: How to find the right advisors, deal with young age/inexperience and energy-related business

Contact via Venture School

Cor the Coach, Startup coach

  • Available: No preferences
  • Field of expertise: Cor is an expert in picking your brain, and with that, he can help you with your personal development. But he is also a coach for those who want to start an entrepreneurial journey. 

Contact directly via

Vinnie Wee, founder of Summairu and Senior Business Counselor

  • Available: Every week on Thursday available on Zoom from August 6th till August 13th between 16:00-17:00. 
  • Field of expertise: “The Inner Business Effect: Your Business Within Determines Your Profits.” Conscious mindset development – I help entrepreneurs (business owners, CEOs, founders, consultants, and coaches) to transform their business and increase their revenue from within them.  

Contact directly at

Johan Laffra, KVK. – Office hours

  • Available: Every week on Thursday available on Zoom from July 9th till August 13th between 16:00-17:00. 
  • Field of expertise: Any questions regarding entrepreneurship. Like the skillset of an entrepreneur, how to creating business & marketing plans. Everything about legal forms, taxes, insurance, and more. In John his own words: ‘I am like your family doctor. And will make a referral to an expert if needed’.

Contact directly at

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