We are super excited to host #SDGCafé on Thursday! Check out the program and signup here! Check it out!
We are super excited to host #SDGCafé on Thursday!

Venture Café Global Network

Exponentially growing community of innovators across the globe!

Venture Café is a global movement working to build stronger and more inclusive innovation ecosystems, and accelerate and enhance the innovation process, in cities around the world.

Venture Cafe Rotterdam is the first European expansion and provides Rotterdam an international position as an attractive city for innovation, startups and scaleups. The Venture Café community is therefore connected to a global network of innovators which provides easy access to other ecosystems to expand business.

The network is supported by the Venture Café Global Institute, the umbrella organization that provides ongoing training, resources, convening opportunities, and guides new site expansion.

Venture Café 2025 Goal 50 locations around the world

Venture Café globally hosts the largest weekly event for innovators in the world!