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Thursday Gathering August 30th

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by Noelani Reyes in Event
July 20, 2018 comments

Thursday Gathering August 30th

17:00–19:00 Office Hours: Startup School - How to deliver value to your customers? - Nobase Media
Do you have a business idea? Do you want to learn how you can be unique and provide something special to your customers? Join us in our "How to Deliver Value to Your Customers" workshop to meet a.o. Andres Campo.

17:00–20:00 Special Event: Book Exchange!
We invite you, to bring any and all books that have helped you to exchange them with someone else from the community! Bring any books you thought were inspiring, to trade in for some new knowledge!

17:30–18:30 Break Out: To feel at home, how does one do that? - Expat Wellbeing | Therapy & Coaching
As an expat adjusting to your new job/home, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. You want to feel grounded and supported, but how? Irene Anggreeni, dance therapist & wellbeing coach, shares experiential tools to help you feel grounded and supported join the session to find out how!

17:30–18:00 Break Out: Maximize your Venture Café Experience - Venture Café Rotterdam
During this session, we will maximize your Venture Café experience, with short introductions and new connections! We will inform you about Venture Café mission and the programming offered. You get to share what you are looking for and can make some first serendipitous connects! Today with a special, international guest: Nathan Render from Venture Café Global Insititute!

18:30–20:00 Summer School: Public Speaking - Sell your dream with Tony de Bree
Who is better to learn from than the ones who made it. That’s why we would love to invite you to attend the masterclass given by Tony de Bree who is going to share his tips and formats on personal storytelling and public speaking

18:30–19:30 Summer School: Natural Language and SEO, Score higher by writing better (Session #2) - Hebsite
Do you know how 'good' Google nowadays is in processing languages? Learn how Natural Language Processing is influencing your website's ranking in the Google Search results and how you can get better at writing clear, concise copy for your website! Hosted by Jasper van der Meer.

18:30–19:30 Break Out: SecTalks Holland: 0x03-Watch out! Honeypots.... - SecTalks Holland
Round 3 of SecTalks Holland, part of the international technical meetups on information security! Join this monthly series of gatherings, touching on a couple of security topics each time,a short CTF & lots of infosec knowledge sharing. Hosted by Nicolas Lymbouris.

These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.

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