Thursday Gatherings

We host a weekly gathering every Thursday from 17:00-20:00. A great opportunity to get well-connected to the local and global innovation community. Also we offer a freely accessible program full of sessions to gain knowledge and get inspired – all in English.

Feel free to drop by anytime on any Thursday! Check-in starts at 16:30.

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Monthly theme
Future Forward

Looking back and into the Future: VR & Holiday Special

Thursday Gathering December 19th

17:00–17:30 Break Out: Have a drink with one of our team - Venture Café Rotterdam
During this session, we will maximize your Venture Café experience, with short introductions and new connections! We will inform you about Venture Café mission and the programming offered. You get to share what you are looking for and can make some first serendipitous connects!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Finance Simple: Focus on your business - Groene Berg
You just want to know how your business is doing. Welcome at Groene Berg! Our mission? Simplify your finances. Your benefit? More time to focus on your goals, friends and your family. Stop by to learn more about our services!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: AOMB Intellectual Property - AOMB Intellectual Property
Patents? Trademarks? Designs? Copyright? We know all about it and are happy to answer any questions YOU have! Stop by our info table to meet us!
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17:00–19:00 Break Out: Customer Journey Brainstorm Session: How to scout talents for Scale-Ups?! - Up!Rotterdam - Gemeente Rotterdam
For scale-ups, the #1 challenge is finding the right people to fuel their growth. We want your valuable insights as a working professional or job seeker. Help us to develop and enrich our value proposition for an online talent platform!
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17:00–19:00 Demo: HoloLens ATC demo - Wortell
A demonstration of the HoloLens ATC application. Experience the real-time flight traffic from Schiphol in 3D space!
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17:00–19:00 Demo: Web-bluetooth playground - Wonder Lab Woman
Join this web-bluetooth playground, with a diverse selection of BLE-devices and demo’s for you to try out. Explore how connecting a BLE device to your web-page enables you to use it as a webXR interface.
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17:00–19:00 Demo: Hands-on with Connec2 - The Virtual Dutchmen
A hands-on demonstration of a multi-user platform Connec2. Come and check out a guided tour through the virtual offices of Connec2 on the Oculus Quest. The demo will allow multiple users to simultaneously.
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17:15–18:15 Break Out: Serious Game: Creating Value in a Changing Environment - Raccoon Serious Games
Are you future-proof? Social and technological developments require organizations and people to change. We’ll play a serious game to let you experience how you deal with change. We’ll offer you a fresh perspective on your role in a changing world. Limited spots available - please subscribe when interested!
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17:30–18:00 Break Out: Get a Tour Through CIC! Explore the beautifully designed innovation center - CIC
Venture Café is located in Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Are you curious about the rest of the space? Join a tour through this beautifully designed innovation center!
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17:30–18:30 Break Out: Build a Yoga pose detector - IBM
We will show how to use pose detection and classification to build a yoga pose detector. See how it works and build it yourself afterwards!
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17:45–18:15 Break Out: Intelligent applications with Kinect for Azure - Wortell
During this talk Wortell's Alexander Meijers will explain how you can use Azure Machine Learning in combination with Kinect for Azure to recognize objects.
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18:15–18:45 Break Out: Remote craftsmanship solves staff shortages - Recreate
Staff shortages can be solved by making smart use of innovative techniques. Through Virtual and Augmented reality, companies can train employees better than ever, learn more about it during this talk of Tim Hermans.
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18:30–19:30 Break Out: Build your own virtual assistant in a snap - IBM
In this workshop we’ll show you how easy it is to build your very own assistant using the Watson APIs from IBM Cloud. A large part of the session will be hands-on, so please don't forget to bring your laptop...
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19:00–19:30 Break Out: Working together without boundaries - The Virtual Dutchmen
Tim and Bart from The Virtual Dutch Men will present the challenges behind the development of their multi-user collaborative platform Connec2 ( They will be talking about subjects like privacy and security, cross-platform deployment and human interaction.
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These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.


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