Venture School
Group of Students

July & August 2022

Venture Café partners with various organizations to bring you an entrepreneurial school that will allow you to build and/or take the next step with your business, upgrade your 21st century skills and inspire you on the latest innovations and developments.


During the summer school we focus on two tracks:

  1. “Build your business in 8-weeks”: aimed at entrepreneurs, early stage startups and those with a great business idea. The curriculum will include the idea phase, orientation, think about “How to build a successful team”, “How to get noticed by your target audience”, “How to get paying customers” etc. In this track we aim to cover all relevant subjects for running a successful company ranging from organizational design, to finance and marketing & sales.
  2. 21st century skills and the latest developments: think about coding, blockchain and IoT – this is aimed at a broader audience to also include corporate representatives, students and individuals seeking inspiration.