(Dutch) Digital Delta
Digital world

May 2023

From agriculture and healthcare to education, logistics and science: no sector can do without ICT. Each sector has its own ICT challenges, but there are also many connections. A successful application of an ICT solution in one sector, for example, can also be applied in another sector.

In The Netherlands there is a Dutch Digital Delta team. They have the goal to turn cross connections into opportunities. If these are better utilised, we will be able to better capitalize on the innovations in ICT in the future as well, thereby promoting economic growth in the Netherlands. The team stimulates and initiates innovations in ICT for the various (top) sectors in NL.

In support of their mission in NL, Venture Café will offer programming this month around digitalization. What challenges do we see, what opportunities arise and how can we make use of the expertise already available?

Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!