Being Smart, Resilient and Inclusive
Flower growing through cracks

February 2023

We need cities, communities and businesses to be smart, resilient and inclusive. The transforming towards these future-proof societies requires the redesign of cities as well as a radical shift in our patterns of production, consumption, and waste. More than 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050, this will be nearly 70%. This increased urbanisation raises huge challenges for municipalities and city planners. Information and communication technologies offer the solution to many of these challenges.

Reconstruction, working on the future, the ability to keep going forward and improving on resiliency is in Rotterdam’s DNA. The City of ‘no words but deeds’, works hard on achieving this by collaborating with residents, companies, institutions, local and (inter)national partners, as well as the worldwide city-network ‘100 resilient cities’ (100RC).
At the same time digital developments and breakthroughs follow in rapid succession and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Rotterdam is consciously and actively working to prepare residents and businesses and the city as a whole for the Next Economy.
Our program will highlight developments such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, urban big data and high-speed and secure Internet which will enable many new applications.