The Game of Blockchain
A sequence to learn about blockchain and DeFi whilst practicing trading crypto in a test environment

Are you curious about blockchain technology and do you wish to learn more about cryptocurrencies? Then join this sequence where in 3 sessions you will learn about relevant DeFi theory & put your newly gained knowledge into practice!

Throughout the sequence Luc Correia Cabrito, Portfolio Manager at Icoinic Capital, will discuss amongst others why there are so many tokens and what the added value of blockchain is versus traditional databases. 

This is an exciting and fun way to become more familiar with DeFi and cryptocurrencies and practice in a test environment, guided by an expert in this field!

It is recommended to join the sequence from the beginning to the end, so you do not miss out on any relevant information. It is important to bring your own laptop, as there is a big practice element to each workshop (a phone could be used, but a laptop is recommended). Handouts will be available during and after the session. If you are not able to join from the beginning, then please write an email to us so we can share the handouts with you and get you up to speed ahead of the workshop you will be attending.


The Sequence
19 May
5:30pm - 7pm
Workshop 1: Intro to blockchain & why there are so many crypto tokens
What will be addressed:
Theory: Intro to blockchain technology, etherscan and why there are so many tokens
Practice: creating a MetaMask account and request for an Aave loan in the test environment

Goal of this first workshop is to provide students with a basic knowledge of the blockchain technology, enough to be able to navigate yourself through the new web3-ecosystem and experiment with different (decentralized) apps.

After this workshop, the student is able to:
- explain the added value from blockchains compared to databases
- name at least three different characteristics of the blockchain technology
- explain why there are so many different tokens
- follow a transaction/wallet on the ethereum network via etherscan
- setup a non-custodial wallet which is ready to interact with web3
- take out a loan via a decentralized protocol on an ethereum testnet
16 June
5:30pm - 7pm
Workshop 2:
Theory: Diving into in DeFi theory, DeFi as lego and available tools
Practice: Using the various DeFi tools in the test environment
21 July
5:30 - 7pm
Workshop 3:
Theory: DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and how this works as a governance system
Practice: DAO governance in practice, governance tokens will be made available in the test environment and you will be able to participate in the test project.
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Luc Correia Cabrito

Portfolio Manager – Icoinic Capital

Prior to joining Icoinic over two years ago, Luc worked as an history teacher and studied IT at Fontys in Tilburg, Netherlands. At the end of 2016, Luc got intrigued by the blockchain technology and transitioned into his profession. While exploring the Dutch landscape of blockchain communities, Luc became a known face in the Dutch ecosystem. He started at Icoinic during its early stage, delivering on a vast array of operational tasks. As the company grew, Luc transitioned into the role that aligned closer with his core interests; member of the Investment Committee for the Icoinic DeFi Fund. After a period of supporting the Icoinic DeFi Fund in the role of Quantitative Analyst, Luc takes over the role as portfolio manager.

With almost 5 years of experience analyzing crypto-assets, studying the different waves of crypto products and the state of the markets throughout the years, but also having practical experience with the Icoinic DeFi Fund, Luc is able to spot opportunities in the market and set out a long term DeFi strategy for the Fund.

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