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Talent Night

In collaboration with Rotterdam Partners, we organize a ‘Talent Night’ every month on a Thursday. The entire Thursday Gathering is then focused on opportunities and challenges in the field of talent in the city: international talent, career mobility, future of education, diversity & inclusion, talent development, 21st-century skills and more.

During the Talent Nights we:

  • Invite keynote speakers from corporates and organizations that are active in the field of talent;
  • host a job fair, where talents can meet & network with companies;
  • have various workshops and presentations on various subjects;
  • host career advisors that are available for one-on-one coach sessions

Upcoming Talent Nights

21-11-2019 – Diversity & Inclusion

Previous Talent Nights

31-10-2019 – Quality Education for All! (SDG4)

19-09-2019 – The Future of Human Capital

20-06-2019 – Talent Development

16-05-2019 – Healthy Balance in Work & Life

18-04-2019 – Talent Night: Career Mobility & Career Hacking

14-03-2019 – Talent Night: International Talent

More pictures from the Talent Night: International Talent

20-09-2018 – Talent Portal Launch Celebration!

More pictures from Talent Night: Talent Portal Launch Celebration!