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Reach talent locally and globally!

Where there is innovation, new jobs are created continuously. Innovation demands talented and skilled people to get ready for the future!

There are many organizations in Rotterdam that are looking for talent. Facilitating and retaining (international) talent is difficult. Therefore we  are actively working on creating an environment where talent can thrive, creating meaningful connections both locally and globally. We recognize talent as the key to innovation which we stimulate through recurring programming and at our freely accessible Thursday Gatherings in the heart of the city.

Rotterdam is a city that is made for entrepreneurs. We are a true talent hub with

  • 170+ nationalities
  • 1300+ international companies
  • 112,000+ International students. Rotterdam is the 3rd. city with the most international students.
  • 2,500+ expats serviced by Rotterdam Expat Centre (2017-2018)
  • 100+ new arrivals and expansions (2017-2018)

Therefore it’s important to focus on more (structural) collaboration between educational institutions, professional networks and the businesses in Rotterdam. Contact us for more information about how we can help you reach the right talent!

We are a global network

We provide a talent network that reaches far beyond the bounds of Rotterdam and The Netherlands. We are currently active in 8 location around the globe with a goal to reach 50 locations in 2025. Read more about our global network here!