Rotterdam Capital Days is back – Demystifying the world of capital in Rotterdam on September 18th–22nd!Check it out!
Rotterdam Capital Days is back!

Talent Night: The Future of Human Capital

Thursday Gathering September 19th

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by Simonas Baltenis in Event
August 8, 2019 comments

As part of the Rotterdam Capital Days, on the 19th of September, we’re going to host our flagship – Thursday Gathering, which we have decided to transform into a Talent Night. It is going to be 6th edition of our popular Talent Nights! This time the theme is The Future of Human Capital!

During the Talent Night, we aim to demystify the future of human capital.
With ever-larger war on talent + the open vacancies at growing companies, we would like to showcase the opportunities within the city of Rotterdam.
Talent & skills are a key focus point. It’s about attracting, retaining & developing the best talent for Startups & Scale-ups. It’s about building a bridge between economic and technical education, and it’s about attracting & retaining (inter)national talent.

At this Talent Night you can expect: :
1. Keynote speakers
2. Career advise
3. Connections with talented people
4. Dynamic workshops to improve your application skills
5. Job fair & much more!

Join this special Thursday Gathering to connect with the innovation community, get inspired and receive the right tools to kick-off or take the next step in your career!

Thursday Gathering September 19th

17:00–19:00 Info Table: Do good, make impact & connect - Voor Goed // Rotterdam Impact Agency
Are you doing good? Do you want to enlarge your positive social footprint in Rotterdam? Than join us at our info table. Together we explore the possibilities to join forces and make more sustainable impact in Rotterdam.
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17:30–18:30 Break Out: Tax update following Prinsjesdag ("Budget Day") - EY
EY presents the "EY Prinsjesdag 2019 update" at Venture Café. We will inform you about the impact of "Prinsjesdag" for startups and scale-ups. Furthermore our EY Tax and Accounting specialists will be available for any (related) questions. Meet Richard van der Pluym & Gerben Hellinga.
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17:30–18:30 Break Out: Circular Exchange - "de circulaire beursvloer" - Noorderwind
Share what you have and what you need, and find out who matches with you! It shows how new collaborations, partnerships and maybe even customers can be established with very little input and resources.
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These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.

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