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Talent Night: Healthy Balance in Work & Life

Thursday Gathering May 16th

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by Simonas Baltenis in Event
April 24, 2019 comments

On the 16th of May, in collaboration with Rotterdam Partners, we are organizing the 4th edition of our popular Talent Nights. This time the theme is Healthy Balance in Work & Life.

Research states that having a greater life-work balance contributes to a better job performance and better mental as well as physical health.
However, these days people are the busiest they have ever been, which consequently brings a lot of stress and can even cause burnouts. Everyone knows that one person who has lost balance and is seriously overworked. Maybe you are that person?
In May at Venture Café our main focus is Health, Wellbeing & Food. Hence, during the upcoming Talent Night, we will tackle the topic of Healthy Balance in Work & Life. Join us on the 16th of May!

During the evening you can expect:
1. Keynote speakers
2. Career advise
3. Connections with talented people
4. Dynamic workshops to improve your application skills
& much more!

Join this special Thursday Gathering to connect with the innovation community, get inspired and receive the right tools to kick-off or take the next step in your career!

Thursday Gathering May 16th

17:00–17:30 Break Out: Have a drink with one of our team - Venture Café Rotterdam
During this session, we will maximize your Venture Café experience, with short introductions and new connections! We will inform you about Venture Café mission and the programming offered. You get to share what you are looking for and can make some first serendipitous connects!
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17:00–18:00 Break Out: Reinvent yourself with the tools of design thinking
Have you moved to Rotterdam with your spouse and you have no idea what is next for you? Rotterdam Partners, Venture Cafe, Madam Rotterdam, IWNG are joining forces to help you get to the next level.
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Explore your opportunities in Japan! - INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.
Information Development is a one-stop IT services company. ID is looking for (close to) graduates who have studied Computer Science and/or have affinity with Japan or the Japanese language. ID is happy to explain opportunities and answer all questions you may have at their info table! Meet Kaori Konishi!
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17:00–19:00 Office Hours: Live to Work or Work to Live? - Expat Wellbeing | Therapy & Coaching
Your work is important for your livelihood. Your life of meaning and purpose depends on how fulfilled you are at work. So how to thread the fine balance, to work and live well? Get a fresh perspective with Irene Anggreeni, dance psychotherapist.
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Join us decrypting how people connect for career success! - Rotterdam School of Management
Do you believe networking to be a shotcut towards success? Or are you more bothered by meeting people for using them later? Help our world’s top-level team in a scientific research for understanding what shapes people’s view and way of networking!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: DUTCH LESSONS - Let's go Dutch
Want to make small talk in Dutch with friends, colleagues or with the friendly lady in the supermarket? Sign up for Dutch beginner lessons in June!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: MyFinance offers you complete peace of mind. Everything online! - PwC
Do you run a successful business, which has grown considerably in recent years? Then you want your financial management to grow accordingly! That is why PwC developed "MyFinance". Stop by to learn more about the MyFinance tool of PwC!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Three Brothers
Three Brothers realises that only a startup concept won’t survive nowadays. Are you a Young Professional that dresses smart? Then drop by to co-decide and get inspired on what a creative sustainable startup of the future should look like.
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17:30–18:00 Break Out: Work-life Balance in Japan - INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.
During this session Information Development will introduce you to working in Japan and show you how ID uses work style reform to tackle a popular opinion people have about Japan: long working hours. Meet Kaori Konishi!
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17:30–18:15 Break Out: Personalized Medicine: Clinical Challenges in Using Big and Small Genomic Data - Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC is one of the largest medical centers in the Netherlands starting to teach and apply precision medicine evidence based therapy. Peter van der Spek runs an immunological research program which provides the biological and technological basis for the bioinformatics group. With his unique approach and by means of vivid examples he will share his view on the status of data usage in the health sector of NL.
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18:00–18:15 Startup Celebration: Launch Party TransitionHERO - TransitionHERO
Join us in the official launch of TransitionHERO. We are here to have impact and accelerate the industry transition towards clean production processes. We design and scale-up green technologies faster and smarter. Join us for bubbles and find out more!
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18:15–18:45 Break Out: Get a Tour Through CIC! Explore the beautifully designed innovation center - CIC
Venture Café is located in Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Are you curious about the rest of the space? Join a tour through this beautifully designed innovation center!
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18:15–19:00 Break Out: The need for Explainable AI in Healthcare - Landscape
To be able to implement AI in healthcare, we will need to be able to trust that our AI models don't make mistakes. It is very hard to trust a black box model we don't understand. Together with Erwin Haas, founder of Landscape, you will explore ways to solve this issue!
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18:30–19:00 Break Out: MyFinance offers you complete peace of mind. Everything online! - PwC
Do you run a successful business, which has grown considerably in recent years? Then you want your financial management to grow accordingly! That is why we have developed MyFinance. Come to PwC's Break-Out session to find more about the MyFinance tool.
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19:00–19:45 Break Out: What is the Return on Data for the citizen in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? - Data Driven Health Lab
All DNA analyzed material is data that belongs to a person. This personal data should be curated by design for the citizen and treated as an asset. The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents entirely new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies and even our human bodies. Join the discussion, hosted by Peter Walgemoed.
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These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.

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