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A MORE Sustainable YOU! – Sustainable Fashion Evening #ThinkGreen

Thursday Gathering May 31st


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Every week we host our Thursday Gathering from 17:00-20:00 full of interesting programming. Feel free to drop by any time on a Thursday!
by Noelani Reyes in Event
April 16, 2018 comments

Thursday Gathering May 31st

17:00–17:30 Break Out: The Millennial Preach by Jonas Martens
De Nieuwe Poort Rotterdam and Venture Café Rotterdam team up to to bring you a 20-minute Millennial Preach: a preach by a millennial for the (young) generation of entrepreneurs and professionals. Expect an inspirational story about life, work and our society; accompanies by live piano music. This week's Millennial Preacher: Jonas Martens!

17:00–19:00 Info Table: Border Sessions Tech Festival - Border Sessions
Border Sessions is presenting its program and is looking for enthusiastic participants for the yearly tech culture festival taking place June 13-16. Stop by their info table... and get the chance to win some free tickets!

17:00–19:00 Office Hours: How to grow from start-up to scale-up? - Your Professional Coach
You have great ambitions on how to let your business flourish? And you struggle with the alignment of business and organization?

17:00–19:00 Info Table: Hemp & Bamboo Sports Wear - Iron Roots
Why do we workout in glorified plastic bags? Isn't there a natural, more sustainable alternative for this? At Iron Roots, we've made it our mission to make natural sportswear mainstream!

17:00–19:00 Office Hours: Funding your innovation or business idea? - JOA Ventures
Discuss your business idea or technical innovation with Jonathan Zwaan, representative from JOA Ventures. Brainstorm, exchange ideas, and get advice how to take your plan forward. They’d love to hear from you. And if they see a match: there are funding opportunities!

17:00–19:00 Info Table: Sustainable & ethical alternatives to fast fashion in the footwear industry - Cano Clothing Company
Learn about CANO and our approach to fair fashion. Get to know our innovative solutions to create alternatives to the fast fashion industry and how we try to revolutionize the global footwear market.

17:00–19:00 Info Table: WoodWatch Sustainability
At the info table info, we will show our watches and talk about our sustainability initiatives. Planting a tree for every watch sold and CO2 neutral parcel deliveries.

17:00–19:00 Office Hours: How to build digital confidence to achieve digital transformation? - ContentKings
Without digital confidence there is no digital transformation. Then why are most transformation strategies focusing on 12% of your employees only? Book a session with Ellen Altenburg (ContentKings) and learn how to win the Early majority.

17:00–19:00 Info Table: EcoPlanks
We are EcoPlanks and together with 3 leading Dutch universities we have found a way to transform coconut husk into wooden material. Material, that is both stronger and more sustainable than high-quality medium density fibre boards.

17:00–19:00 Info Table: Producing 0.5 Million Sq.ft of Sustainable Leather - Join ELM
Interested to know how 135 tanneries are producing 0.5 Million sq.ft of leather sustainably. How Dutch technology and design is contributing to it? Join us...

17:00–19:00 Break Out: Collectors item - Annebel & Esther
We use the smart technology against the fast fashion industry. We do this with a selfie collection that's questioning the value of a "Like" these days.

17:00–19:00 Info Table: DON SIMON - DON SIMON
Simon Samuels is a student of International Business and Management Studies of Hogeschool Rotterdam and currently writing his thesis about the clothing industry. He recently started a sustainable clothing brand, DON SIMON, that he will present tonight. Stop by to learn more about it!

17:30–19:00 Office Hours: Propose your Cleantech Project to the Gemeente Rotterdam! - Gemeente Rotterdam
We have presented our current activities and shared our approach to accelerating innovation and collaborative we want to hear from you! Do you have a proposition that will contribute to the Cleantech ambitions of the Gemeente Rotterdam? Feel free to stop by at any time to share your thoughts with Wouter van Rooijen!

17:30–18:30 Break Out: Scaling-Up Cleantech Innovations - Gemeente Rotterdam/ Cleantech Delta (SCALE-UP)
The SCALE-UP Program does match-making between between cleantech companies in the scale-up phase and corporations. Do you have a Cleantech innovation and are you looking for opportunities to scale-up? Join our session!

18:00–19:00 Info Table: Look for Detail
Meet Jenny Netten, the founder of Look for Detail! A fashion designer, that designs clothing from plastic bottles.

18:30–19:30 Break Out: A new electronics industry - Fairphone
Do you have old electronics laying around at home? Have you ever wondered how they are made? Do you wish they were easier to repair? Come to hear all the challenges of making the electronics industry fair and sustainable.

18:30–19:30 Break Out: Circular Fashion & Blockchain - Tshared
Interested in the future of fashion? Then join the session of Jeroen van der Heide - the founder of

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Stay up to date with our weekly program

get inspired
Every week we host our Thursday Gathering from 17:00-20:00 full of interesting programming. Feel free to drop by any time on a Thursday!