Tanya Morris

Tanya Morris

Founder – Mom Your Business


We’d like you to meet Tanya Morris from Mom Your Business, member of the Venture Café Philadelphia community.


Through Mom Your Business, Tanya is building a community that provides resources and opportunities for women actively in business while blending work, family, and other priorities (aka, “Mompreneurs”).

Mom Your Business’ mission is to help 1,000 Black & Brown female founders grow their business exponentially by connecting them to resources and opportunities that lead to success in business and in life.


Tanya and Mom Your Business have been deeply involved at Venture Café Philadelphia since the start. Most recently, Tanya has been recording her monthly podcast series (IMPACT!), at Philadelphia’s Thursday Gatherings. In October 2019, Tanya hosted an On the Table talk at Venture Cafe, sponsored by the Philadelphia Foundation, on the importance of buying local.

Tanya also won the CIC Philadelphia “36 for 75” competition, by pitching at Venture Café, and as a result received free coworking space for Mom Your Business at CIC. A true advocate at heart, Tanya is an incredible champion for female entrepreneurs and women of color, and has inspired many connections, ideas, and inclusive growth opportunities in our community.

Learn more on momyourbusiness.org.

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