Rene Ooms

Rene Ooms

Founder – Doyle

Hello, I’m Rene Ooms Founder @ Doyle in the Venture Cafe Rotterdam-community! I’m working on Bringing digital propositions and product idea’s to life by creating pitch presentations, rich prototypes and memorable brands.


My passion is Working very quick and pragmatic. Don’t overthink things right from the start. Just start doing and experimenting. I get a lot of gratitude out of the fact that I e.g. can give form to something in about a month time. For my client it can feel like magic and can give a quite emotional response. “I’m breeding on this idea for years and nog it looks real!”. That’s what drives me.


As a visitor at Venture Café this network has helped me Get to know interesting people. Not necessarily from a business perspective. It’s nice to be in an environment where it’s just so normal to just talk to whoever you want. It’s also nice that there is a broad range of (from gathering to gathering) changing people who visit. Lot’s of new fases every time I visit.


I’m looking for Find interesting people. I very much like to think with them. Help with challenges, listen, share my experiences. I think that VC can do a bit more in activity listen to the community and connect people. Especially during the Thursday gatherings. Sometimes it’s a bit challenging to find people who really there for networking.

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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