Oscar Schyns

Oscar Schyns

Founder – Flipchat

Hello, I’m Oscar Schyns Founder @ Flipchat in the Venture Cafe Rotterdam-community! I’m working on Flipchat


I started my organization We created a chat application where you can learn a new language while chatting with your friends. Most people that try language applications quit after a few weeks using it because it is not fun enough. That’s why we want to learn people languages while doing what they love, chatting with friends. With Flipchat you can chat with your friends in your native language and it will translate all messages automatically in the language you want to learn. You can improve learning speed by getting translation/audio and typing in the language you want to learn.


As a visitor at Venture Café this network has helped me To connect with likeminded people who have faced similar problems before and can advise me.


Make sure to Checkout Flipchat: www.flip-chat.com or download it https://flip-chat.com/download.html

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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