Hendrix Edafe

Hendrix Edafe


Hello, I’m Hendrix Edafe, ambassador in the Venture Cafe Rotterdam-community! I’m currently a student at Hogeschool Rotterdam.


My passion is Meeting people and learning how they see the world. This way I can learn from their perspectives and apply them on my own to understand others and to tackle issues from different angles that I wouldn’t have thought up on my own.


As a visitor at Venture Café my favorite experience was Going up on the stage for the open mic and introducing myself to the other visitors. It was one of my first times visiting Venture cafe and I was a bit nervous. But after introducing myself and showing my interest in IT I was approached by multiple kind visitors who wanted to help me out and gave me great advice. It was very heartwarming to know there were people willing to help me and it encouraged me even more to reach my goals.


I’m hoping to find Someone who has experience in supply chain/data analysis to tell me their experience and possibly give me advice on my current situation. In addition, I hope to make more friends at Venture cafe and to continue to grow as a individual.


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