Daphne Kusters

Daphne Kusters

Founder of Transformation design studio Daphne Kusters

Hello, I’m Daphne Kusters Founder of Transformation design studio Daphne Kusters in the Venture Cafe Rotterdam-community! I’m working on designing a paradigm in which we put wellbeing, connection, ecological principles and life at the center of what we choose to create in the world.


One day, when I was reading a book by Robin Wall Kimmerer who is a plant scientist and a member of the patowatomi tribe, my whole perspective on the natural world changed. The book is called “braiding sweetgrass, indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants” and in this book she talks about plants like they are her kin. She talks about how they have their own personhood and how they are great teachers to us humans. I had never read anything like this. This is not the way we speak about the natural world in our western society. It felt like coming home and I knew in that moment I wanted to know more about this way of looking at the world. Three years later, this perspective is fully integrated into my design work. I have found that in our western society we also have a history of living according to natural laws and ecological principles. The old religion (before the christian church) was a nature religion and the people who lived this were called witches. I take a lot of inspiration from this way of living and I work on integrating these values each and everyday. They are of great worth in these times of change where sustainability and changing our relation to nature is of the highest importance.


As a visitor at Venture Café my favorite experience was the warm welcome I got from everyone who was there. I feel like haven’t talked to this many new people in one evening for a long time. It was really exciting to hear everyone’s stories. I quickly found great connections with people who’s ideas resonated for me.


What I’m doing is awesome because I get to use my creativity to bring more connection, wellbeing and life into the world. With my work I get to inspire people and give them a new view on societal systems and structures which very often also gives them new insights about themselves.

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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