Our Impact Report 2018 is online, have a look at what what we did last year!Check it out!
Check out our Impact Report 2018!

Startup Celebrations

Appreciate Failure, Celebrate Success

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The journey we call entrepreneurship is a road filled with many highs and lows. Testing the entrepreneur’s boundaries and pushing their limits farther and farther. With every failure as a benchmark to learn and grow from, every success is a sweet high meant to be cherished and celebrated.

Here at Venture Café, we want to give you the space and the community to celebrate and share ideas! What better place to celebrate those special achievements than with an innovation community that truly understands that #struggle?! Invite your special guests and celebrate with our whole community!

What we will provide

  • A moment to address our community at the Thursday Gathering
  • A special shout out in our newsletter about your team and achievement
  • Picture of you by the celebration-gong to be posted on social media
  • A custom digital invitation for you to use to invite your network
  • Balloons to create a celebratory atmosphere at our Thursday Gathering
  • “Thank you”-signs at the bar to honor your bar contribution!

Get in contact with Laura van Bekkum if you are interested in more information and pricing.