Cor van Drieberge

Cor van Drieberge

Startup Coach, Trainer & Speaker – Cor de Coach

What drives me, is to get the best out of all the people I coach, train and speak with.

When I started training martial arts in 2004, I noticed what the effects were on myself. Next to the physical fitness, I was able to understand more about myself and other people around me.

During my studies I noticed that one of my strengths was to help people ahead in their career and personal life. This got me the nickname “Cor the Coach”, since I was always willing to elevate young people ahead.

The form I chose for this, was coaching in which I translate martial arts (boxing) and coaching skills together. From this point on I developed the method what I call now “de boksende coach”.

During the last years as an entrepreneur I have developed more skills in which I learned on how to use your brain better. Thanks to Frans Duijts. This resulted in that I am now also a trainer at De Hoofdzaken. A company that provides training and skills development like: brain friendly working, memorizing better, mindmapping and speed reading.

At the moment my main goal is help young executives and young managers to develop more resilience and develop themselves into better leaders. Here I use the combination of the Boksende Coach and the brain training to combine mind, mindset and skills together.

One of my other passions is Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial arts, in which combines a lot of elements. During my coaching, I am often using a few of these techniques to help build teams.

If you want to develop yourself more, then I would love to be connected with you.