In this webinar, Harvard professor and startup investor Daniel Isenberg would like to take you on a tour of the opportunities that you have as an entrepreneur today. For example, have you ever wondered whether the company can also produce parts for you next to you? Daniel Isenberg is an established name in the world of entrepreneurship. Not only as an academic, he has also made his mark as an entrepreneur and investor. With those different hats on, he always sees opportunities for entrepreneurs, even during the corona crisis.

Professor Erik Stam (ecosystem expert) from Utrecht knows better than anyone that an entrepreneur never operates in isolation. He will talk to Isenberg about ecosystems for entrepreneurship. Stam examines, among other things, the question of how public (semi-) public parties can strengthen the ecosystem.

We also present the annual Region Monitor South Holland. Jan Jacob Vogelaar, author of the Coronamonitor South Holland, shares the most important facts and figures about the region with you. From the realization that good cooperation requires that we talk to each other about the same figures and operate from the facts.

Find more information about the speakers here (in Dutch).

As an important private or public player in South Holland, the Economic Board South Holland hopes to welcome you to this webinar!

November 5, 2020