Attention: developers, security officers and (ethical) hackers! Want to know how hackers think? Learn from Zerocopter, the application security platform empowered by the world’s best ethical hackers. MoreApp, the company that helps to digitise other businesses, is delighted to share that Zerocopter is coming to CIC Rotterdam.


On the 9th of June 2022 Zerocopter hosts a workshop for MoreApp’s development team. The best news is yet to come…you are invited too!


Do we shoot or do we hug? That is the question Edwin van Andel, speaker and CTO of ZeroCopter will ask today. Lennaert Oudshoorn will also share more about offensive security. Edwin & Lennaert will take you under their wings today and tell you in an interactive and mostly humorous workshop all about cybersecurity. Join us!


What: Workshop Topic: How do Hackers think?

Speakers: Edwin van Andel & Lennaert Oudshoorn

When: 9th of June 2022 Start: 13.00 PM

Location: CIC Rotterdam, space Nucleobase


Want to participate? Pre-register and send an email to k.minkes@moreapp.com.


See you soon!

June 9, 2022