Are you considering starting a career in the Netherlands after graduation and wondering…

What perspectives you have as an international, and what your added value could be
What rules and regulations apply to working in the Netherlands as an international
Whether it is necessary to speak Dutch fluently
What the best approach is to find work in the Netherlands
How to tackle Dutch business culture

Then sign up for this interactive presentation about working in the Netherlands!

During this presentation you will learn from 2 Holland Career Ambassadors - fellow international alumni who have found a job here -what it is like to work in the Netherlands. They will pay attention to all above stated questions and more and will also share their own experiences. At the end of this presentation you will know what working in the Netherlands could mean for you and what further steps you can take.

About Nuffic: Holland Career Ambassadors

The Holland Alumni network (www.hollanalumni.nl) is an initiative funded by the Dutch government and aims to facilitate an international network of Holland alumni, future alumni, Netherlands Alumni associations, Dutch higher education institutions, Dutch embassies and relevant organisations.
The Holland Career Ambassadors are Holland Alumni working in the Netherlands and have been trained to give career presentations and inform and motivate international students to start their career in the Netherlands.

February 20, 2020