There is an urgent need for young people not only to be aware of pressing humanity issues, but also to be able to seek and take meaningful action to address them locally and then globally.

In order to engage with 21st-century problems and find solutions to tackle them locally and globally, young talents need to be equipped with the relevant skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values. Yet, education systems do not necessarily employ a holistic pedagogy that focuses on different aspects of education such as climate change, solidarity, human rights, gender equality, respect for diversity, etc.

What if we teach the Sustainable Development Goals?

Join Bekir at Venture Café! Bekir Okalper, who is an education professional and the SDSN Global Schools Advocate, explores the links between the SDG agenda, meta-cognition, learner autonomy, and social entrepreneurship.

Bekir is part of a group of volunteers which is dedicated to empowering young people to become local solidarity heroes. They aim to educate young learners to become more tolerant, peaceful, responsible and active citizens by taking actions through the educational program we have built ‘Young Leaders Program' in the light of UNESCO's Global Citizenship Education agenda and the United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals.

October 17, 2019
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!