As a sophisticated investor, you’re looking for investment flexibility. Private Investment Funds offer that flexibility as part of a small group of like-minded investors, whether that’s family, friends or a club deal.

A private fund allows you and your family to pool your investments into one structure.

Performance reporting across asset types, investment managers and custodians provides transparency, while satisfying the needs of individual family members.

We have the experience, technology, and expertise to handle different asset classes, portfolios, fund structures and investor demands. So whatever choice you make, we can help.

How can we help you? If one of the following statements applies to you - stop by!

I’m interested in support services for family offices
I want to preserve and grow my wealth for future generations
I want to discuss asset protection options
I want a back office set up for my fund
I need help with fund regulations and compliance
I want to market my fund to EU investors
I want to expand my business into new markets
I want to ensure my company is fully compliant
I want to start up a business

September 19, 2019