We give the visitors of Venture Café the experience of a walk through our Project near Leiden. You can stand on the building, visit a Woody and sit in the Restaurant.

About Woodyshousing
We solve the Housing crisis, with a eco and social-building system, Woodyshousing

Everybody deserves a healthy, sustainable and affordable home wherever that is needed.

“Living in a woody” is living at the right place at the right time. Woodyshousing offers smart, sustainable, healthy and affordable housing solutions to people and places where and when it is needed.
Woodyshousing is a housing solution based on a patented wooden building construction system combined with a scala of sustainable, technical, social and financial innovations.

We develop, realize and operate high-quality, sustainable and circular real-estate.

With our solution we build small or large, extremely sustainable, affordable, low-energy consumption and healthy buildings in short periods on temporary or permanent locations. Because of it’s plug&play concept the buildings are easily user adaptable and fast movable which warrants for high value creation for the user and the investor.

December 19, 2019
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!