Standing out in your market and getting noticed for what you're best at is a tricky business. Positioning yourself and your brand online, building a business that is noticed amongst the noise is challenging throughout. Following a plan and having the right kind of support really helps so innovative psychologist Heleniq A devised the the Women of Truth Inner circle 4 step Formula. Learn how and why following this strategy can help you get you brand awareness up there, where it belongs.

Founder of Ahainteligence heleniq A consulting and Women of Truth, Heleniq A is a consultant on a various matters. Womenof Truth conference 30 November Startdock, returns to the truth of the powerful legacy women carry, revolutionising their role and involvement in decision making and leadership. The events and movement itself, centralises research, body mind integration, integrity, social impact and creativity along with a heartbased atmosphere throughout.

October 17, 2019