Venture Café Rotterdam has started a Book Club! We put a spotlight on books that touch on topics that are close to our hearts and/or support our mission to connect innovators to make things happen. Subjects will include entrepreneurship and management, but can also address societal developments or offer a relevant scientific perspective.

This week, Tony de Bree will introduce the new survival kit for startups "Overlevingsstrategie voor startups. Zo overleef je een crisis in 5 stappen" (Survival strategy for startups. How to survive a crisis in 5 steps). This bestselling survival guide and free tools help small businesses to make a survival plan & survive corona.

The startup survival kit consists of:

  • ¬†A practical survival guide.
  • ¬†5 startup canvasses.
  • ¬†4 startup checklists.
  • ¬†6 video tutorials.¬†

During a crisis like corona, smart business owners change from growth to survival mode. During this session, Tony will show you what the main financial problems of startups & other small businesses are and how to make a survival plan in 5 steps to save your company or to make a new start with a new startup business model and a new online and offline startup revenue model. 

Join this book club session to learn more!

About Dr. Tony de Bree EEP MBA
Tony has been successfully helping startups, scale-ups & SMEs since 1997 to grow and scale using ICT and to fund their company with paying customers. Since the beginning of corona, he is helping companies in big financial trouble to take short term measures and to define and implement a survival plan fast. 

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About Venture Café's Venture School
This session is part of the "Venture School"-track offered by Venture Café Rotterdam during summer 2020, where participants get to learn about key elements so they are able to build a venture in 9-week's time. Find out more about this program here and sign up here if you plan to join the entire 9-week Venture School program. When you follow the entire track you may be offered access to mentors and a certificate of participation.

The freely accessible Venture School program starts on Thursday, July 2nd and runs every Thursday until August 27th. Also, have a look at Venture Café's other summer program offerings here.

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July 9, 2020