MycoFiltro is a cutting-edge process aiming to close the loop for the aquaculture industry. This modular bio-filter system can be installed to existing land-based fish farms, to recover nutrients from fish wastewater and convert them into sustainable proteins.

In this session, you will find out more about the concept design and how three living organisms work in a symbiosis, where the waste of the one becomes the food of the other. Find out how mycelium and microalgae utilize fish wastewater to grow into food for human consumption.

Mycofiltro currently participates in the ClimateLaunchpad competition (the biggest climate change startup competition) and has already won 1st place in the National final, and 1st place under a climate-friendly food theme in the European final.

About TransitionHERO
TransitionHERO works on supporting startups and large corporations in accelerating the scale-up of green sustainable innovations related to circular economy and energy. Some of our current projects are focusing on Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Biowaste to New Resources, and Bio-pharma.

September 17, 2020