At Forward Incubator we want to ensure the integration of refugees in the Netherlands through the means of entrepreneurship. Meaning we take entrepreneurs with a refugee background, and help them build their business from the ground up through our 4 month incubator program. However, we do not believe that one size fits all, therefore we have a very individualised approach to all our entrepreneurs, and we cannot provide this with out the help of our community. We have corporate sessions with Uber, Mazars, McKinsey, DLA, S3 where they can learn professional skills, and tacit knowledge on how to business in the Netherlands. In addition, every entrepreneur gets access to professional workshops, individualised coaching, potential investors, business partners, and advisors. Our next program starts in October and we are searching for more mentors, coaches, trainers. This gives a chance of already successful entrepreneurs and professionals to give back to entrepreneurs whom are just starting out in the Netherlands. Want to learn more how you can help? Join us at the Info-Table.

We are an incubator program, that specifically helps entrepreneurs with a refugee background start their own businesses in the Netherlands. In 2 years we have set up incubator programs in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, run 3 full programs, and have helped launch 26 businesses. For more information about our program go to forwardincubator.com

October 3, 2019