Starting off on the right foot isn’t just important for waking up in the morning, it’s just as important with the start of any business. This session is to help you to understand the different business entities available particularly sole proprietorship (ZZP), partnership (VOB), and private company (BV) and the personal liability related to each business entity. We will also speak about the contracts needed to start your business.

About Venture Café's Venture School
This session is part of the "Venture School"-track offered by Venture Café Rotterdam during summer 2020, where participants get to learn about key elements so they are able to build a venture in 9-weeks time. Find out more about this program here and sign up here if you plan to join the entire 9-week Venture School program. When you follow the entire track you may be offered access to mentors and a certificate of participation.
The freely accessible Venture School program starts on Thursday July 2nd and runs every Thursday until August 27th. Also have a look at Venture Café's other summer program offerings here.

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About Vinnie Wee
Living a fulfilled life herself every day, Vinnie is an experienced international business lawyer turned personal transformation facilitator and business consultant. She is on a mission to inspire people to live a fulfilled life and succeed in business for the benefit of humanity and the environment.

“We are here for a good time and a long time.”

July 30, 2020