Guys love to wear cologne. Unfortunately, buying one can be an unpleasant experience. That's why you rather stick to the perfume you received as a gift or the one you bought while you were bored at the airport. We got you. At House of Formulas, we tailor a perfume for NIGHT and DAY that is perfect for You. All you have to do is to take our online Quiz with questions about your favorite scents, taste preference and personal lifestyle. So you do not have to smell like any other guy anymore, but you can make impressions that last.

Before we can do this, we need your help. We have to feed our Machine Learning algorithm the data that makes the magic happen. Please stop by for 5-10 minutes to take the Quiz and try our perfumes. We will tell you all about the business and show our gratitude with an exclusive discount. Want to know more? Check out our website.

Looking forward to meeting you!

About House of Formulas
We are a next generation men care brand that is here to stay. No more annoying sales associates. No more outworn department stores with tons of overpriced products. It's 2020. Take the Quiz and our algorithm will tailor high quality products to you at a fair price.

September 17, 2020