For Scale-Ups, the #1 challenge is finding the right people to fuel their growth. With 3500 vacancies in our region (growing each year) Up!Rotterdam - part of the municipality of Rotterdam – wants to scale-up their efforts in helping these fast growing companies.

We are working to develop a new Rotterdam online platform for (international) job seekers in and around Rotterdam at Scale Up companies (a scale-up is a company with at least ten employees that grows at least 20 percent per year for three years, > million turnover). We would like to know what you find important in finding a new job? How are you looking for a new job? What are you missing in your journey? What are you looking for on an online platform? We already have some ideas for a value proposition that we would like to validate with you.

Please join this customer journey session on December 19th and add your insights & ideas to this value proposition.

About Up!Rotterdam - Gemeente Rotterdam
In Rotterdam houses more than 135 fast-growing companies that operate in an innovative and often sustainable manner. This makes them an important catalyst for the new digital and circular economy and provides jobs, among other things. With Up! Rotterdam wants to increase Rotterdam entrepreneurs even better: entrepreneurs who want to grow, get start-ups and scale-ups via Up! Rotterdam faster access to talent, financing and international markets. In this way they can further increase the positive impact on the city.

December 19, 2019