By 2030 the global picture of the job market will have changed a lot. Whether you're a company looking to attract (and retain) talents or professionals seeking fulfilling jobs, know what lies ahead and what you can do to prepare for the war for talent.

With the talent crisis looming, both companies and talents can benefit so much more from healthy corporate cultures. Know your ROI from being healthier and happier in your job and strategy that works for more employee engagement.

The amazingly cool illustration above is by Bente Bak. She founded FeelingVisual.nl to help people understand and learn about their (creative) self in order to live a life of passion and purpose. Check out her website for online do-torials.

Irene Anggreeni founded Expat Wellbeing | Corporate Wellness to help individuals and organizations achieve health and well-being in a creative, embodied (not just talk) & mindful way. As a clinical dance therapist with research, engineering and entrepreneurial skillset, her work encompasses giving therapy, training, corporate consultancy as well as community building.

September 19, 2019
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