How do you thrive as an introverted entrepreneur? During this session, Karolien Koolhof will share some insights from her forthcoming book on introversion and introvert leadership.

Karolien (33) is a proud introvert from the Netherlands who has used her creativity for innovation within the media and consulting world. She believes that diversity is the key to moving the world forward. By doing a lot of soul-searching and working with a coach, she learned how to embrace her introvert strengths herself. She would now like to pay the message forward by helping individuals like herself, offering e-learning, coaching, training and more awareness on introversion. All of this comes together at Quiet Quality, her own company.

By teaming up with companies and universities to help other introverts get more self-knowledge and create understanding from the world around them, she aims to fuel innovation and change within the educational and professional domains.

Quiet Quality believes that every introvert should be empowered to use his or her full potential. Instead of adapting to an extroverted world, they should embrace their unique qualities and share them with the world. Because the world needs more reflection, peace of mind, active listening and leading from behind. Companies and universities can actively help introverts do so.

January 16, 2020
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