The Innovation Matrix

In-person session

January 16, 2020 | 18:30 - 19:30

Workshop on the Innovation Matrix: Use 3 moves - Think, Strategize, Act – to tackle the challenges and questions around collaborative innovation, partnering, intellectual property(IP) distribution, and simplified contracting for innovation and IP.


Organizations today innovate to survive in a competitive, complex, and interconnected business world. They co-create with others outside their own organization to succeed. But capturing the value of these bright ideas separately is often very complicated. The Innovation Matrix simplifies and structures innovation management.


Mirjam is a business strategist who believes in simplifying the complex and in making ‘common sense more common’. She is driven by a people-centric approach to Innovation & Intellectual Property, Commercial Contracting, Business Strategy and Organizational Development. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Law and a Master’s degree in Public Administration & Policy, and has twenty years of experience in the aerospace, oil & gas industries and in R&D. In 2007, she wrote her thesis for Business Law on the subject of IP in Open Innovation. For the last ten years, she has been holding management positions in a reputable Dutch aerospace company. In 2016, her publication ‘Strategizing Intellectual Property in Open Innovation’, co-authored with Deepika Jeyakodi, won Best Paper from the Academic Forum of IACCM in San Diego.


Deepika Jeyakodi is a closet writer who agrees with Albert Einstein’s words that ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’. She believes learning must be fun, and enjoys working on projects that follow this path. Deepika is a Contracts and Bid Manager (Commercial Contracts and Legal) at an aerospace company in the Netherlands. Previously, she practised law at the Madras High Court, India, for five years. She graduated from the TNDALU, Chennai, with a B.A., B.L (Hons) degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws. She holds a Master’s degree in International Law and Indian Constitutional Law from Madras University. She also holds an Advanced LL.M. in Air and Space Law from Leiden University. She has written several academic publications on aviation and cyber security laws, and is co-founder and member of human rights-based NGO ‘Cheer’, in India.

January 16, 2020
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