This is a special workshop for B2B companies that are looking for more and better sales by bringing more focus to their commercial activities.

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is the description of a fictitious company that will gain lots of value from your services or product, and, in return, will bring the most (long-term) profit to your company.

What can you expect when focusing on the right companies with a well-defined ICP?
- More clarity around your product-market fit
- Improving hit rates: both call-to-meeting as meeting-to-deal
- Improving CTR's in ads and on-page conversion
- Improving Customer Experience and LTV

In this workshop, you'll learn why an ICP is essential for the early stages of a B2B company and how you can create your own top-notch ICP.

About Vainu
Vainu helps B2B companies sell and market their products and services better. We do so by optimizing sales processes with dynamic, real-time, company information directly in their commercial processes.

November 5, 2020