The goal of this first workshop in the Game of Blockchain sequence is to provide you with a basic knowledge of the blockchain technology, enough to be able to navigate yourself through the new web3-ecosystem and experiment with different (decentralized) apps.


You will learn the following:

Theory: Intro to blockchain technology, etherscan and why there are so many tokens

Practice: creating a MetaMask account and request for an Aave loan in the test environment


After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the added value from blockchains compared to databases
  • Name at least three different characteristics of the blockchain technology
  • Explain why there are so many different tokens
  • Follow a transaction/wallet on the ethereum network via etherscan
  • Setup a non-custodial wallet which is ready to interact with web3
  • Take out a loan via a decentralized protocol on an ethereum testnet


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May 19, 2022