Many people are losing their fixed jobs, many large and small companies are in big financial trouble and many people want to start, grow and scale online. In this session we will cover the following topics:

1) Introduction.
2) 7 digital trends during Covid-19.
3) The inconvenient truth about ‘the future of work' and ‘future skills'.
4) Personal right-skilling & digital right-skilling.
5) Corporate future skills vs entrepreneurial future skills.
6) How to make your personal right-skillingplan?
7) How to choose the right education FOR YOU.
8) Epilog: how to stay relevant now and in the future?

About Tony de Bree Consulting
Tony de Bree worked in many different roles in financial services for 26 years. Including in sales & marketing, corporate IT-strategy, corporate venturing, e-commerce & Compliance. In 2001, in he started as hybrid entrepreneur to make money online from home as his online plan-b with e-books and software. Since 2011 he has been self-employed with his virtual organisation, ‘pivoting his life'. From the beginning of the Covid-19, he helps senior managers, startups, scaleups and works councils with online services on demand and ‘how-to-books' to survive, students to start successfully online and people who lose their jobs to become successful entrepreneurs and grow and scale their online business using ICT.

April 22, 2021