The brand for the selfless. - Canwe

In-person session

November 14, 2019 | 17:00 - 19:00

The time has come to give an extra support to the organisations that help make the world a better place and contribute to improving the causes we care about. So what if everytime you did exercise you could be supporting these causes? Canwe connects charities and charitable causes with people that love to do sports through a brand of sport t-shirts. Join us on Thursday 10th of October at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam and find out more on how you can contribute and become part of a community of change-makers. Canwe?

Being selfless is described as caring more for what other people need and want rather than for what you yourself need and want.

Canwe aims at allowing the world to become a little more selfless through a simple sports T-shirt.


Canwe is based around three pillars by which we base all actions: social aid, social awareness and a passion for a healthy life. You combine these three and you have Canwe. Here is how:

Social Aid: by supporting with all our profits to the social causes you care about.
Social awareness: by supporting with our brand the awareness of social causes that you care about.
Healthy lifestyle: by encouraging our community to find their cause to support and get moving.
We are excited to walk this journey with you.


November 14, 2019