As a clinical psychologist for 23 years, it it clear to me that mental and emotional health have a lot to do with the entire body mind system. Many subtle changes in the way your mind and body work are easily caused by stress.

Now with stress being what it is, especially for adrenalin chasers and ADD thinkers -with a million a mile thoughts running wild- entrepreneurs can suffer more than most. On their way to becoming to high performers by being more easily distracted and often running low on a sense of security or certainty. There are some nuances to their health management that becomes Pivotal for their success which this seminar presents.

Few doctors and health carers know how to help in these changing times, because the medical model is still in a traditional ‘dualist' type mode, separating mind from body often. various philosophies, personal experiences and a spectrum of information and research has been compiled and applied to the community of entrepreneurs for this seminar. Revealing then, the health secrets that can totally transform the way you look and deal with stress if you are a innovative personality type and or someone building a new future for us all.

About Heleniq A Consulting
Clinical Psychologist, Peak Performance expert and Speaker Leader Changemaker Peak Performance Trainer Coach, Curator for Women of Truth Inner Circle. Exceptional women of excellence award winner, WEF Millions 2022 Global Ambassadress, Cyprus Wave of Change ambassadress, HerStory co ordinator and Fem.Diamonds curator. Heleniq has innovated various awarded projects and elevated the visibility of over 100 women in international WOMEN OF TRUTH conferences and interviewed over 80 for her research to do so and deeply understand needs of high achieving women and those they can inspire.
"Lets create people that have a personality for the future, one that can withstand great storms and still does the work, inside out and UP, to shift world paradigms."

February 20, 2020