We have started Learned in 2018 to solve an issue that we experienced as young professionals ourselves. Just like over ‚Öî of all young professionals we lacked insight in what the career opportunities at our employers were and what skills we would need to develop in order to get to our next step.

Existing performance management processes, such as appraisal interviews failed to provide us with these answers. Consequently, resulting in us leaving our employer and advancing our careers at a different place of employment.

Research even shows that in 9/10 cases when an employee takes on a new job, a switch is made to a new employer. Even though in more than 73% of the time the employee would have been willing to stay if properly guided towards a next career opportunity.

That is why we have come up with a new type of solution. We have built a next generation platform for talent management that helps organisations to solve the problem of internal career mobility.

This is done by matching employees’ skill profiles with internal career opportunities and by providing the tools to bridge the gap. Resulting in more employees that advance their career at their current place of employment.

November 21, 2019