ECE Students is proud to announce the Student Founders Program: an immersive 10-week workshop cycle with bi-weekly entrepreneurship classes for anyone interested in starting their own business. In collaboration with real-life entrepreneurs and experienced industry professionals, this workshop cycle will allow you to learn about the entire startup process from ideation and validation models to implementation strategies and even legal practicalities.

About ECE Students
We are the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students), Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial association. Since our establishment in 2013, our mission has been providing an environment that unites a diverse group of people, and to empower them in taking entrepreneurial action. We aim to spread entrepreneurial values and cultivate an innovative mindset among students. By providing a talented network, fostering relevant abilities and empowering students, we create opportunities for the entrepreneurial-minded across campus, while seeking to contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial scene in the city of Rotterdam.

January 30, 2020