So you've moved here for a better life, or you've joined your loved one. Now you know it's not a bed of roses. It takes grit to overcome the experience of being uprooted and to rebuild connections with/in your new home.

Your journey is not only about survival. Making it here should not be at the expense of everything else. So why not stop for a moment. Take a breath. Reflect.

What do you need, going forward?
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About Irene Anggreeni
Irene Anggreeni is the founding therapist, trainer & consultant at Expat Wellbeing | Corporate Wellness. She builds on 15 years of experience as an expat engineer/researcher and 8+ years of personal journey mastering her mental/emotional challenges in cross-cultural environments. This whole experience has forged her values for human connection, community, and creative expression.

As a clinical dance therapist & soft skills trainer, she facilitates life skills learning through creative, embodied (not just talk) and empowering experience.

As a Corporate Wellness consultant, she helps companies innovate their wellness strategies to deliver measurable long-term results.

She is an outgoing introvert, well-regulated HSP and looking forward to connecting with you!

February 20, 2020