The pandemic and the measures against it drive you to your mental boundaries. We know. Let's talk with professionals about mental wellbeing. How to deal with this situation, privately and at work or school. How not to burn-out. And what after?

Hosts Iris Karssen & Han van Nieuwaal will talk with experts about vitality at work, personal psychology and burn-out. Which insights can they share to make this situation is more workable? Literally. Do they have tips? And what should we keep in mind when the measures are loosened up? Join for some stay-strong inspiration!

Guest speakers:
- Mascha Mooy, founder & CEO of Bye Bye Burnout
- Raquel Gonzalez Caseira, Employee Experience Specialist at Sunweb Group

If you enjoy the session: there is a session in Dutch in the next hour (starting at 18:00h). Touching upon similar topics, but going a bit more in-depth regarding individual psychology. Be welcome!

Info about our guests will follow soon!

About THRIVE & friends
This session is initiated by THRIVE colleagues, together with expert partners and Venture Café. Without any commercial objective.


March 11, 2021